I am a design ethnographer researching, publishing, and teaching on urban transformation and design cultures. Currently, I am doing my PhD on urban living labs in rural areas at the Institute for Sociology and Cultural Organisation at Leuphana University, L√ľneburg. Therein, I am exploring how urban living labs prototype degrowth futures in the rural areas of north-eastern Germany.

In my research I bring together different methodological approaches, from empirical fieldwork, material investigations to participatory workshops to broaden the understanding of design cultures. My work is published in the field of design anthropology with a recent chapter in the Critical Makers Reader (2020), the Design&Culture Journal (2022), and Gesellschaft gestalten (forthcoming 2024).

Since 2024, I am working in Urban Planning and Regional Development at Hafen City University, Hamburg. In the research project Fab City Initiative Hamburg , I am analyzing the transition governance of living labs.

I was a research assistant in the artistic research project Shift Register at the Critical Media Lab in Basel (2016-2018), was a junior researcher on the SNSF-funded project Commons in Design at the Academy of Art and Design Basel (2018-2023), was a researcher in residence at the Critical Maker Laboratory at TU/UDK Berlin (2021), and visiting researcher at the Center for Invention and Social Process at Goldsmiths, University of London (2022).